The Mighty Variety Show 
with Moo & Sweetroll
Fridays 9 PM EST
Absolutely Fabulous!
Start your weekend with a laugh and a gaff.  Original segments by Moo & Sweetroll. Enjoy a fun crowd in the chat room. See you there. Yes we can see you.
The Grand Dark Conspiracy
with Daniel Bautz
Mondays and Tuesdays  10 PM - Midnight
We explore all things pertaining to the paranormal. Those small miracles, ghosts, demons, angels, U.F.O.'s, psychics, mediums, Quija boards, prophecies and any other phenomena that still escapes the creeping outstretched arms of our skeptical inquistor, Science.
Gotta B Country
with Britt
Wednesdays  9 PM EST
Covering the music, people and the way of life thru rodeos, concerts, fashion and ag related events. Spinning mostly modern or Texas country and a lot of up & coming artists! 
The Naughty Slot
with Amber Grayson Vayle
Thursdays  10 PM EST
An ADULTS ONLY broadcast with LIVE chat. Brought to you The Shark Radio Network, Mmmmore Productions, and Amber Grayson Vayle.
Chaos Descending
with Ben Bautz
Variety / Opinion
Thursday 11 PM EST  
Dedicated to whatever random topics come up! You never know what will be discussed or destroyed!
After Hours AM
with Joe Sturgis
Paranormal / Variety
Saturday 10-12 PM EST
Not your typical radio show. It features some of the best guests each and every week from around the world and no subject is off limits.
The Missing
with Melissa Burk
True Crime
Sundays 9PM EST
Meilssa delves into the ever mysterious background of real life missing persons cases which remain unsolved. Do you know what happened?
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